Principles of Web Design Book
Principles of Web Design
Principles of Web Design is the third edition of the best-selling book, Above the Fold. This completely revised edition includes updated content and all new reference samples. This book, written by Brian D Miller, is perfect for the college classroom and the studio reference library.
The book contains three sections: Plan, where I explore all aspects of planning a project from project management to information architecture and UX; Design, in which we examine the basic principles of design in the context of the Web; and Optimize, were we learn how to optimize our site and report on the traffic analytics. 
Earlier Editions
The first and second editions of Above the Fold reached number 1 on's Web design book list. Used in countless classrooms, these editions built the foundation for the latest version of the book, Principles of Web Design
One of the Best Books Available on the Web Design Process
"Brian clearly put a lot of thought and careful consideration into the structure, content and flow of the book. It’s well done. I’ve been building websites for 4 or 5 years now and this is the first book I’ve found that does a good job of walking the reader through the entire thought process of planning and creating a structured strategy for designing websites.”
– Published on by Steffan Antonas

Web Design Demystified
‘Above the Fold’ provides everything that you need to build a strong foundation for a successful Website.”
– Published on by Ted A. Dobbs

I’m Glad I Started Here
"Brian Miller gives a sensible and well thought out approach to web design. As a person who is interested in getting into this field I found this book a great place to begin my journey. He links all the steps to be successful at web design. The talent and skills must be your own, but if you’re looking for a tool to focus existing talent into a career in web design, this book is an excellent place to begin.”
– Published on by JStein
Other Writings
As executive board member and competition chairperson of the Type Directors Club (TDC), I had the honor of selecting a designer, Paula Scher, and a jury for the 58th annual competition. I also had the daunting task of writing the introduction to the book that most consider to be filled with a catalog of the world's best typography. 
Typography 33 Annual of the Type Directors Club
Like so many designers and typographers, I discovered the Type Directors Club through this book. The work on these pages back then opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities with typography. Soon after seeing the book in the mid-1990s, I joined the TDC. I joined not for the perks and discounts or the mention on my resumé, but because the Club stood for something — and by joining, I became a part of it.
For sixty-five years, the Type Directors Club has represented something more than a book or a competition to its members. It is a constant. It’s an old friend. A mentor. It’s a beacon. It’s a community of like-minded designers carrying on the mission to promote excellence in typography. For those who value type, the TDC represents an indispensable resource, fostering and nurturing various forms of typographic exploration and preservation in any medium.
Today, being part of a real global community sharing a common mission is more important than ever. With so many outlets offering an artificial sense of community, it’s comforting to know that TDC provides its members with a true sense of belonging and purpose. Getting something out of a TDC membership means putting something in. The work I put in on the TDC board and as the web committee chairman over the past four years has paid immeasurable dividends, both professionally and personally. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most talented typographers in the world and form lasting friendships. But perhaps the biggest reward came when I was selected as the chairman of TDC58.
Having the privilege of being the competition chair person afforded me the honor of working with Paula Scher. Paula dedicated her valuable time and talent to develop a beautiful and extensible design system that spoke universally to our global audience—reinforcing the sense of welcoming and community that the TDC embodies. Thank you, Paula.
The weight of the responsibility that comes with carrying on this 58-year-old tradition by selecting a jury to judge the best typographic work in the world was not lost on me. For this task, I had one goal: capture the same diversity of talent that exists in the Club’s membership base and in the world of typography today. I’d like to thank each of the jurors who did just that. By sharing their energy and expertise they have selected work that will stand as a record of the typography of our time, and we hope this will move a new generation of artists to discover type and to get involved with something greater.
Congratulations to each of the winners whose work appears in this book. The fact that each year the work we receive gets more innovative, creative, and inspiring is proof that the TDC’s best days lie ahead.
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